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Distinctive trainings, value creating solutions.

Since 2008,  EU Project Writing Camps has been started which stands as a need of public and private sector of Turkey. EU Project Writing Camps have been provided interactive trainings on EU project funds, National Agency funds, Prime Ministry, Embassies and United Nations Funds project proposals from preparation, and management until reporting. GlobalB offers free project consultancy and this makes GlobalB first and unique in Turkey. 

Besides EU Project Writing Camps, GlobalB have been organized training camps and workshops on the field of law, health, sales and marketing, brand management and communication. By contributing to the development of people with these trainings, GlobalB have helped them to have a successful future in the professional field.

GlobalB training programs are open to general attendance. In addition, GlobalB trainings are designed specifically for the needs of institutions and individuals. GlobalB trainings have been lead by experienced academicians and instructors with interactive, creative and practical methods.


EU Project Writing Camps

Legal English Camps

Lawyer Camps


Vocational Trainings


Personal Development Trainings

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The right solutions to improve your business.

GlobalB Consulting offers professional consultancy services for writing, managing, evaluating and approving projects in order to benefit national and international funding sources to companies, NGOs, public bodies, chambers of commerce, trade unions and other institutions.

GlobalB is pioneering the development and change of many companies by giving consultancy in the field of local managements, R & D and innovation, marketing and sales, brand and communication. GlobalB is an institution with a dynamic team and services in continuous development, trust and renovation in the fields of education and consultancy.


GlobalB helps the clients to achieve their goals, supports the growth of resources and capacity, contributes to the development of public bodies with the consultancy that has been provided.


EU Project Consulting

Grants Consulting

Funds and Capacity Consulting

Global solutions for Public Bodies


Brand and Strategic Consulting




GlobalB offers services with 4 different brands in order to produce better and more effective solutions for different needs from different sectors. GlobalB aims to increase the competitiveness of the institutions and people by projects and trainings that has been produced.


AB-Etkinlik has been established in order to intervene in the need for information and support for the grants and other support provided by the European Union, the Development Agencies and national institutions, Erasmus Plus , UN , World Bank which are increasing rapidly in our country in recent years.


Law-Agenda offers training courses that reinforces the basic and theoretical knowledge with simulation and practical methods of the profession for lawyers who have just started their career as lawyers and want to be successful in the short run. With these purpose,

Law-Agenda provides Lawyer Camps as first and only in Turkey. The training courses have been organised with the support of Bahçeşehir University Faculty of law and Turkish -German University Faculty of Law  experienced lawyers.


StartupBlockchain is set up for entrepreneurs to participate in the trainings and programs we have specially prepared, find out the real entrepreneurial potential in them and reach us with all the training and support them need to implement their creative ideas in real. Take advantage of our many on-site consulting and training services such as creative business idea development, whitepaper, entrepreneurial methods, customer development, team building, law, finance and accounting, marketing and presentation techniques.


For the success of our customers, we are dedicated to developing rapid and effective solutions based on knowledge and creativity.





We have organised very successful trainings in 5 years, we have supported hundreds of institutions and thousands of people. In this process, we have become one of the most reliable education and consultancy companies in Turkey and all around the world with our professional staff, who have developed ourselves and have emerged as a young and dynamic team and who are experienced in their field and have deep knowledge.









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Public Relations Manager


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